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How To Choose A Good Supplier

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BH Doors Advice On Suppliers

David Horne, Director of BH Doors and Engineering Ltd keeps a keen eye on the commercial door parts suppliers he chooses to work with. Any service-based organisation must have the customer at the forefront of their service promise and David takes this point very seriously.

Customer service excellence is intrinsic to BH Doors and when it comes to choosing a supplier, for spare parts for example, David has a strict policy that they must have the same customer-centric attitude. Suppliers chosen by BH Doors must:

Understand Customer Needs:

Not only the needs of BH Doors as their customer, but one level deeper, and have an understanding that as a supplier they are supporting BH Doors’ customers and so their needs are always to be considered too.

Enhances Your Services Or Facilities:

As with corporate membership or approved partnerships to affiliate bodies enhances your business, a good supplier with an excellent reputation should enhance yours too. When your customers get the idea that you only work with the best, they will begin to trust your business more and trust is imperative in this age of relationship marketing.

Overnight Deliveries:

Will your suppliers deliver components or products at any time of day or night? BH Doors offers a 24-hour emergency call-out service so it is vital that our suppliers are contactable and offer delivery 24/7. We couldn’t offer this service without our suppliers.

Common Parts Off The Shelf:

Another point David likes to confirm is whether the supplier is reliant on a third party themselves, or whether they keep common parts at hand. Again, this is vital to keep the time delay between call-out and resolution to a minimum.

Experience In Identifying Old/Obsolete Parts:

‘A new broom sweeps cleaner, but the old broom knows the corners.’ It’s always good to have experience of the old parts that may not be available any longer. Recognising an obsolete part within a door closer mechanism for example massively reduces customer waiting time. Knowing which part you need to order instead should be second nature!


Innovative thinking is a nice added value from your suppliers, and if you can see it demonstrated to offer solutions, all the better. Do your suppliers resolve all your concerns or see to all your needs, every time? And if they can’t how do they support you to find the solution for your customer?

David his always open to meeting new suppliers. If your business can tick all his boxes, why not arrange to meet for an informal conversation about how you could support one another?

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