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Building A More Efficient Commercial Door Engineering Business

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One of the difficulties of running your own engineering and service provision business is finding the time to stop working for customers and start working for your own business, analysing procedures, making improvements, even coming up with new ideas for services. David Horne, one of the BH Doors managing directors, has made a change to his working routine and taken more time for education, developing best practise for the commercial door industry and developing processes for efficiency within our existing procedures.

Increasing efficiency has been one of David’s missions from the start of BH Doors, and he has recently made a break-through which is not only better for our door engineers, but for our customers too – a win win!

Streamlining The Quotation Process

A little bit of tech that’s made this huge difference to BH Doors quoting process is called Clik. Clik has allowed us to digitalise the way we send quotes to customers, and the way they accept them. Quite simply, we use the app to generate a quote number, which is received by the customer with instructions to ‘click here’ to accept. At this point the quote number is converted to a purchase order number and it is returned to BH Doors.

Image from Clik Service Module

Two things of importance to note here is, quotations are always discussed beforehand so the customer knows what to expect, and all BH Doors’ engineers are notified of the new purchase order. Customers do not need to send an email, or make a phone call to accept the quote, they do not need to ask for a specific engineer who has quoted the job, they can just click the button. Likewise, the engineers do not need to claim their own quote, they are multi-skilled and act as one provider of a service, so anyone can claim the job.

How Efficiency Is Increased In Distributing The Work

One engineer may be closer to the job, another may have the parts on the van already.  Within the app a conversation can be started between the engineers to decide who is best positioned to take the work. The regional directors are always in the loop and see all the correspondence, making sure nothing gets missed and no ‘tug-of-war’ results.

The result is a customer accepts a quote, and one of our door engineers is on the case within moments, always getting in touch with the customer to confirm a convenient time to start work, and often able to start much sooner than expected.

The Takeaway

Taking time out from selling or producing isn’t always at a detriment to your turnover. We have increased efficiency, transparency and communication between our engineers and our customers. We have found a way to work smarter, not harder as they say. You don’t have to make a drastic change in your routine to find time to do the same, block out a week or couple of days a month, and see the difference it can make! One of customers said, ‘You what?!’ when we were able to attend his job within less than half the time he had expected!

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