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Are You Risking Your Fingers Every Time You Open A Door?

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40,00 people, mainly children are at risk of serious injury and even amputation every year. The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) analyse accident and emergency admissions each year and have ascertained that at least this number of people are risking their fingers, all because the doors they used were not safe enough.

Children are most at risk, particularly around mechanically operated and automatic doors, perhaps due to the fascination of how they work. However, looking at these statistics it becomes apparent that a poorly fitted, or sub-standard door is a danger, not just because of the risk of it not opening when required, or due to swinging freely into a person, but at the hinge as well.

Finger Guards

Most finger entrapment injuries occur at the hinge or pivot point of the door, not due to the door closing on the finger at the opening. The inclusion of a finger guard dramatically reduces risk of injury. In the picture below, you can clearly see the black strip at the hinge, behind which is the finger guard.

Door Finger Health & Safety

Door Finger Health & Safety 2

The British Standards Institution (bsi) recently produced guidance for the commercial door industry, on the best finger protection devices for doors. The booklet contains full specifications, safety requirements and test methods to the BS 8613 standard and answers questions such as what devices are most durable and are least likely to fail, and simply, what is the safest device when in use?

This guidance is so comprehensive that not only are engineers and installers such as BH Doors referring to it, but manufacturers are able to design fit-for-purpose products to a benchmark of safety that is outlined within it.

Put your faith in BH Doors

BH Doors and Engineering are proud members of the Automatic Door Installation Association, and as such adhere to strict and essential safety standards. BS 8613 is a standard to which we have been operating since its release, and using it we have installed and replaced many finger protectors in libraries, hospitals, leisure centres and college buildings. When you enter through a BH Doors door, your fingers are in safe hands.

Door Finger Health & Safety


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