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Commercial Door Operators – A case study

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No, not the person who attends arrivals at posh hotels, or hands you a towel in a public restroom, you know which door operators we’re talking about; Geze, Freedor, Dorma and the likes!

What’s the issue with your door operator?

  • The wind opens the door, or prevents it closing correctly
  • Door difficult to open manually without heavy force
  • Doors don’t close properly and are left hanging open
  • Doors are noisy when in use


These are the main complaints we hear that instantly tip us off that there’s an issue with the door operator. But most customers believe they need to replace the entire mechanism, and don’t realise that parts can be replaced, saving both time and money.

How we resolve door operator issues

At Abbey House, South Oxfordshire District Council, we were faced with exactly those issues, and that the entranceway was difficult for a person of limited mobility to open and gain access into the building, impossible if that person was using a wheelchair.

Automatic door repair on-going

We specified a high usage door operating system, allowing the door to now open automatically for every user. We then installed an access control system alongside an electronic locking system for out of hours use and re-used the existing safety sensors, reducing the cost of the work.

On this occasion only a very small element of the whole door operating system, the safety sensors were suitable for re-use.

It was a different story in Castle Quay Shopping Centre, Banbury…

We were called in to replace the entire door operator system, but upon inspection we determined that only parts of the internal system need replacing. This resulted in a reduced invoice in comparison to the pre-inspection quote, which left the customer very happy!

Commercial & automatic door repair work for shopping centre

Regular maintenance of your door operators

Most door operators are tested to around 1,000,000 cycles, that is, opening and closing the door, one million times. However, as we can testify, issues crop up and can leave your building un-secure and the people using it unsafe, or in the least very inconvenienced. We would recommend a contract of regular servicing and maintenance of all your commercial doors, after all ‘prevention is better than emergency call-out’!

‘Thank you once again for the prompt efficient service your company has dealt with our faulty doors. John and Phil have fitted the new closure this morning quickly with as little disruption as possible and Phil left the windows on the door gleaming. It is a pleasure for me to work with such friendly helpful professionals.’ Taylor Walton Solicitors, Luton

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