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Be Prepared – BH Doors to the rescue of commercial doors!

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This is intended to be a case study of works that were carried out without the need to visit a certain trade catalogue shop or returning to base-camp for spares. You see, one of the unique selling points, if you’ll excuse the jargon, of BH Doors and our engineers is that we carry common parts on all our vehicles. ‘So do a lot of door repair companies’, we hear you say, but our deeper understanding of common problems and our knowledge of the technology employed, including advancements over the years gives us an edge to predict the common ailments with automatic doors, swing doors, sliding doors – you get the idea…

Commercial Doors Rescue & Repairs

The Geze pump on this door belonging to Oxford County Council, Speedwell House completely lost pressure and the door became inoperable. As an automatic door, it did of course have the option to be used manually but was heavy and an ease of access point for people with mobility limitations.

BH Doors specialises in the adaptation of doors for disabled access under the Equality Act, and therefore the service and maintenance of said doors. For this reason, we carry more spare parts than most and were able to fix the pump. We also prefer to repair commercial doors, not replace them…

Commercial Door Preparation

Mint Velvet in the Westgate Shopping Centre, Oxford was part of the grand opening of the newly refurbished centre at the end of 2017. However, only weeks later disaster struck when the swinging glass doors became stuck and wouldn’t open. We responded to the emergency call-out within moments (the beauty of being local) and were able to replace the swing mechanism and have the doors in full, safe working order before opening. All because we have scramble kits ready to go, or vans as we like to call them.

Bh Doors Rescue Commercial Doors

The glass door entrance to the Holiday Inn, Oxford needed emergency attention when they failed to close suitably. Here’s what the site manager said after we responded with our typical excellent service,

‘The guys were brilliant today, I have updated our files so from this point on you are the only company that we allow to service or repair any of the doors on site.’

So, the benefits of using BH Doors, even just for emergencies are clear:

  • Quick response time for Oxfordshire postcodes – engineers on call
  • No time wasted going back for parts – fully equipped vans
  • No surprises on the invoice – fixed call-out rate including first hour and mileage
  • Minimum down-time for your business – always a priority
  • Maximum safeguarding of staff and visitors to the building – another priority
  • Instant communication and updates
  • Generally same day quotes if the repair is more extensive

Make a note of this emergency number to call next time you need a commercial door engineer quick! 0808 1200911 goes straight to on-call engineers after normal working hours, even on Christmas day…

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