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Are You A Busy Fool Too? BH Doors MD’s story of how he learned to let go…

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I was once a busy fool. I didn’t realise I was for a long time, but one day it was made plain to me that I was working longer days and harder than I wanted to. It wasn’t what I planned for myself when I ventured into business and worse than that, if I stopped, BH Doors stopped. Something had to change…

BH Doors MD & Van.

A business can run with one ‘kingpin’, but when that pin is removed the whole thing comes crashing down, and I didn’t plan and work as hard as I had to get BH Doors off the ground to risk that happening and neither did my business partner. No longer could I say, ‘Just let me do it’, ‘I’ll be quicker’, ‘I’ll do that crappy job so you don’t have to’. Three reasons not to try and do everything yourself:

  1. They’ll never get better / quicker if I just do it all for them
  2. They’ll never appreciate the good days if they never have to take some crap
  3. They’ll never feel fully part of the bigger picture if they don’t get to see things right through to the end, even if that end is sorting out a problem.

I thought I was saving other people the trouble, but actually I was creating potential trouble for myself down the line. Then one day someone called me a busy fool and I said to myself, ‘There is no need to do everything yourself, let someone else do it’. And that’s the thing, LETTING someone else do something is different from MAKING someone else do it and more often than not, they want to, if you just let them!

Having learned to delegate and understand that people like making their own decisions (they are trained very well to do so after all), I have empowered my engineering team who now feel fully part of my commercial door business and I no longer work through my evenings and weekends, ‘just getting stuff done’.

What’s the point in building a company of trusted engineers, if I don’t make the most of them?

I realised, before I risked health problems, that when you start a business, you have to be careful not to burn yourself out. I am thankful to that person for calling me names, as I now have the time to spend with my family, practice my lifting and watch Bradley in his competitions and re-claim my evenings safe in the knowledge that even without me, BH Doors will still carry on.

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If you’d like our team of door engineer experts working on your building’s doors, or if you’d like a coaching session from David on how to let go of your business, get in touch on 0808 120 0911.

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