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Corporate Sponsorship For Yarnton Blues FC Under 10’s Football Team

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Ed Stone – Service Engineer for BH Doors

My son George was a bit of a late starter into the football scene as it’s not something I have had much interest in (until now, funnily enough), but this is his 3rd season with Yarnton Blues FC Under 10’s now.


BH Doors Corporate Sponsorship For Local Football Team


The team has a great friendship off-pitch which obviously helps them when it comes to performing on the pitch. Team manager and coach, Mark, whose son also plays in the team, is very passionate which has grown the camaraderie and rapport among the boys.

It is a village team which plays against other towns in their region. Having said that it’s a very popular team and children from other villages want to join them, which then makes it difficult to manage as there is obviously a line they have to draw on numbers. They play seven-a-side but currently have 13 on the team.

This season the under 10’s have been put in the top group for the region so we could be looking at a steep learning curve for the team, as players and as youngsters developing resilience.

When Mark asked me if BH Doors would consider sponsoring the kit we jumped at the chance. How could we turn down the opportunity to help such a great team of people and young sportsmen? And it’s wonderful to see the boys proudly wearing their new kit when they run out onto the pitch.


BH Doors Corporate Sponsorship For Local Football Team 2

I am proud that BH Doors were in a position to help, and we simply couldn’t turn them down.


So, what does the future of the Yarnton Blues FC Under 10’s look like? As with most committee-run clubs I foresee difficulties in recruiting new committee members as they struggle with getting volunteers of all age groups to stand, and BH Doors hopes that our involvement with the team will help make the club an attractive opportunity for people looking to get involved in their local club and community. We’d love to hear that the committee is over-run with willing volunteers at the next AGM!


With the popularity of the team continuing to grow despite the already high numbers, we expect our performance to be top-notch when we move up into the top tables. Our boys work hard for the team they love, and Mark is an exceptional coach and motivator.


Business Benefits Of Corporate Sponsorship

From a business perspective, for BH Doors to be known not only for our exceptional door engineer services and customer care, but for our care over local community groups too, it has proved an invaluable opportunity to share another side to our business. If you have the chance to play a part in sponsoring a local initiative, you might want to consider the benefits to your business:

  • Community involvement
  • Increased profile
  • Marketing and PR opportunities
  • Corporate social responsibility fulfilment
  • Supporting staff interests
  • Tax deductible.

We’re proud of our Yarnton Blues Under 10’s and invite you to share your own pride in the community projects you’re involved with in the comments on our blog, or on our social media pages.



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